Founder, Keith Reardon

Keith Reardon is the President and owner of Superior Surfacing and has been involved in every aspect of the asphalt industry for over 40 years. The company has grown steadily since its beginning in 2002, due in large part to the fact that Keith puts the best interests of his customer’s front and center.

Keith has been able to build and retain a great staff over the years, some who have been with him since the start. They understand the business, share his work ethic and have been very important in the success of the business.

Keith sees his role as that of an advisor as much as a contractor. He tries to provide “value-engineering” which helps his customers receive a quality project that offers long-term value. His regular customers listen to him and trust his recommendations because Superior Surfacing has a long history of successful projects. Most importantly, his customers know that he always tries to do what’s right by them.

“Reputations aren’t built overnight. They’re made job by job, year after year.” –Keith Reardon