Like most aging pavements, the infrastructure at Catskill Regional Medical Center was past its useful life. Nestled in the hills of the glorious and renowned “Catskills”, the Harris, NY medical campus roadways and parking lots were suffering. Along with a renovation of the hospital itself, management prepared and entertained bids on both conventional pavement reconstruction and Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) with Cement as an alternative.

Local paving contractor Keith Reardon, principle of Superior Surfacing Systems, Ltd. presented the facility two year’s prior with a proposed scope of work and budget for the process. Although unfamiliar with this method, the hospital and its consultant were interested in learning more.

The hospital selected T.M. DePuy Engineering to prepare bid documents for the conventional method of asphalt replacement. With valuable input from Superior Surfacing Systems and the Road Recycling Council, Tom Depew included a comprehensive alternate specification for FDR with Cement process. Cost savings as a result of accepting Superior Surfacing System’s FDR with cement solution were significant. So much in fact that the hospital was able to afford parking lot repairs in areas not originally budgeted for.

The FDR with Cement process begins with pulverizing old/existing failed asphalt and blending with existing underlying subbase. Portland cement is incorporated into the material, placed, fine graded and compacted, creating a fortified “reclaimed” product exhibiting a much higher strength and stability than conventional crushed stone base. The process eliminates the need to excavate, remove and dispose failed pavement as well as the need to import large volumes of virgin aggregate. The cost savings on trucking, tipping fees, and new stone base is significant as Catskill Regional Medical Center soon found out after reviewing the bids.

Although typically and historically used for municipal roadway projects, FDR with Cement proved to be a highly effective solution to the hospital’s ailing infrastructure issues and is rapidly gaining acceptance and popularity in the private sector. Phase I of the project also entailed new concrete curb and sidewalk, new underdrain behind curb lines, topsoil, seeding and new pavement markings throughout the site.

According to Jon Heimbach, Catskill Regional’s Construction Manager, “The differences in FDR with Cement process are very significant. Cost savings, reduction in on-site construction traffic, the ability to continue work in inclement weather, and the speed of reconstruction of our parking lots were all remarkable. The hospital was fortunate to have Mr. Reardon’s passion and diligence in bringing the FDR with Cement process to our attention and then seeing the entire job through to its excellent completion this fall”.

Subcontractor, Reclamation LLC of Kingston, NY performed the FDR with Cement Process and shared grading responsibilities with Superior’s Project Superintendent Kevin Murphy. “Having performed conventional site work throughout my career, I was a little apprehensive about the FDR process. I am very impressed with the results and the substantial benefits regarding the structural stability of the reclaimed subbase. Despite the challenging aspects of an active hospital site, the FDR with Cement process enabled us to move forward quickly through the project as evidenced by meeting our self-imposed deadline for completion to the exact day!” said Murphy.

For Superior’s team of Project Manager Gerald Cassesa and Project Superintendent Kevin Murphy, it was their first experience with FDR with Cement versus conventional methods. The positive results and feedback from the customer have made converts of the company and they hope to pursue and complete additional projects of a similar scope as well as the planned Phase II portion of the hospital’s paving program.